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Modular Art Pods Poster

Modular Art Pods

Open Source Collabortive Art Tunnel

Feburary 7th, 2015


Our Life in Zero Waste.


We will discuss the life cycle of _______________. (inanimate object)

                                                     an Art Pod.

                                                     the Art you made.

                                                     your new article of clothing.

                                                     a smart phone.


In your head make a list of inanimate objects and answers questions on their life cycle. 


The focus of conversation will begin on art and the art pod itself.  Open for discussion and reflection on other inanimate objects for non-artist to connect and create awareness of a need for redesign.


Are they low grade, degraded, impaired, wreck of a product, early disintegration?


Why am I purchasing/consuming this product then?


Where was it made?

Who made it?

Was there any castoff material, what is it?

How far does it travel?

How long will you use it?

What happen when you are done with it?


Talking about art and its end game.


The pod will be made with found/sourced material and decorated with discarded/thrown away art.


Zero Waste says to find a use for every byproduct before starting any process.


“How do I change what I (we) are doing so that we no longer produce any waste products?”

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