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Paper, Thread, and Trash

A Collection of Art Books made from Reuse 

In Paper, Thread, and Trash 14 Tennessee artists address these issues of consumption and waste by using found and superfluous materials to build original and unique books through very literal interpretations to installations and conceptual based projects.  These works of art challenge the artists and viewers to look at our waste in new ways.


Artist include: Aletha Carr, Nance Cooley, Meredith Eastburn, Kelly Cass Falzone, Katie Gonzalez, Emily Holt , Courtney Adair Johnson, Megan Kelly, Kit Kite, Cynthia Marsh, Lesley Patterson-Marx, Nelson Meadows, Lisa Rivas, Jamaica Shaw.  Curated by Courtney Adair Johnson


Nashville Public Library Art Gallery

615 Church Street

Nashville, TN 37219


December 6th 2014 to March 28th 2015

Join us for conversations with the artists on Saturday, January 10th, 3pm

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