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Mapping McGruder

A social practice artist residency 

Artists Courtney Adair Johnson and Marlos E'van began a social practice artist residency at C.E. McGruder Family Resource Center in North Nashville April 2016, called Mapping McGruder.  Setting up a studio space in 

McGruder, walking and talking with the neighborhood, meeting with artists, professors and business leaders 

all listening for the story the neighborhood/building/people want to tell. Through asset based mapping, data was collected on how the McGruder's neighbors want to participate in art and community.  


The center is named after Curlie E. McGruder who was a civil rights activist and Freedom March organizer.  This is a neighborhood seeped in history and determination, giving thanks to the past and those who carried us forward, we began to look for ways to honor Curlie and to learn more about her achievements.


"She was outspoken and often a thorn in the side of her opposition" quote about Curlie E. McGruder.  That just makes me laugh and make me want to hear stories.  I think we need to know more about her.   


The concept of a Curlie E. McGruder Information Guide with interactive places to talk about your neighborhoodand learn a little about Curlies will be presented and printed on May 28th and 29th 2016 during 

Mapping McGruder's community build day. It is available to print in sections, with sections to add your community thoughts and adding in others from the community.  Collecting skills, assets and strengths of how they participate in community and art.  Turning each of the answers into our map. 


We will also construct a labyrinth on the grounds of McGruder.  Labyrinths are single paths that can turn us inward to reflect and grow, a place within us where the rational merges with the intuitive and the spiritual is reborn. I think Curlie would have liked that. 

This program/project is funded in part by the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission and supported by Seed Space/Nashville Cultral Arts Project.  

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