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Courage Unmasked Tennessee

Fundraiser for Head and Neck Cancer



This project touched me on two very personal levels.  One I am a former cancer patient and two I whole heartily support reuse, so the use of a discarded plastic mask used in radiation treatment for head and neck cancer was exciting for me. 


I wanted to change it, create more of a sculpture, something far away from what it once was.  I wanted to transform it, using the material given, just like we want to change the cancer cells in us.  I cut, twisted, manipulated and reattached pieces looking for the form.   Cancer is not pretty though and not simple or even compliant. 


Things don’t always turn out as you plan.  I cut and folded, I attached, checking angles.  Always trying to remove the identity of the piece but not being able to quite move away from the creature of it.  I still feel like it is a mask but altered.  A little tougher and more jagged, not as vulnerable.

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